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What is a futures contract?

In a nutshell, futures is a legally binding agreement between two parties to buy or sell a commodity or financial instrument at an agreed price on a specific future date.

Why futures?

Power of leverage

The leverage that futures provides is one of the key traits of trading futures. You can enter into a futures contract that is worth much more than what you initially have to pay.

Immediate exposure to Financial and Commodity Markets

Through futures, you will be able to participate in these active markets.

Opportunity in any market direction

With futures, there’s potential to make profits in both bull or bear market depending on your position.

Trading in futures contracts carry a certain degree of risk and may not be suitable to all investors. You should fully understand the risk involved before you engage in trading futures contract.

Why Kenanga Deutsche Futures Sdn Bhd?

List of Products

Check out the list of products offered by Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD) and their initial margins (as at 24 October 2016).

BMD Products Initial Margin (MYR)
FBM KLCI Index Futures (FKLI) 4,000
Crude Palm Oil Futures (FCPO) 6,000
Palm Kernel Oil Futures (FPKO) 6,000
Gold Futures (FGLD) 1,000
Tin Futures (FTIN) USD 1,000
3-month KLIBOR Futures (FKB3) 1,000
3-year Malaysian Government Securities Futures (FMG3) 500
5-year Malaysian Government Securities Futures (FMG5) 600
10-year Malaysian Government Securities Futures (FMGA) 700
Single Stock Futures (SSF) Varies for different stocks
USD RBD Palm Olein Futures (FPOL) USD 1,300
USD Crude Palm Oil Futures (FUPO) USD 1,250

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