Global Trading

How do I trade foreign shares on KenTrade?

KenTrade online trading services currently support Bursa Malaysia “BURSA”, Singapore Stock Exchange “SGX” and Hong Kong Stock Exchange “HKSE” via our single trading platform.

Foreign exchanges such as US markets, Thailand and Indonesia and as is basis on other recognised stock exchanges are accessible via our global trading platform or you may contact your Dealer’s Representative (“DR”) for more information. For more markets detail, please refer to Quick view of exchanges page.

Can I trade foreign shares using mobile application?

Yes. Only Singapore Stock Exchange “SGX” & Hong Kong Stock Exchange “HKSE” can be traded using the mobile application. 

You may download KenTrade mobile trading app “KenTrade 2.0” from App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery. 

How is the foreign exchange rate being determined for my foreign trades done?

Depending on your settlement mode, if your settlement is by local currencies the exchange rate shall be KIBB’s prevailing foreign currency exchange rate at end of each trading day.  

How do I receive foreign share dividends?

All foreign shares dividend payment will be automatically converted to MYR and credited into your KIBB Trust Account. Please contact your DR for further assistance

What are the trading hours for global exchanges?

Please refer to Quick view of exchanges page for the details.

How do I subscribe to trade on foreign market?

For new customer, you may subscribe to foreign share trading facility during new account onboarding. 

If you are existing customer, complete the Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad - Equity Broking Account Opening (Products) Form and W-8BEN form for individual account or W-8BEN-E form for Corporate account. Please submit the application form to your DR.

Are the prices quoted real time?

Price quotes for global markets are delayed by 15 minutes interval.

We are offering complimentary Singapore Stock Exchange “SGX” real time price quote during this promotion period 1 September 2022 until 31 July 2024 and subject to further extension  

What are the brokerage fees and charges to trade on foreign shares?

Please refer to your DR for more information.

Can I use my local trust to settle foreign trades?

Yes. For settlement using local trust, Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad (“KIBB”) shall auto convert the settlement proceeds to MYR based on the bank’s foreign exchanges rates published on the contract date. You are required to indicate your preferred settlement mode when signing up for Global Trading.

Do you allow foreign contract settlement in traded base currency?

Yes. You can opt for foreign contract settlement in traded base currency by stating your preferred settlement mode in your account opening form. However, if you wish to change your current settlement mode after signing up, please contact your DR or KenTrade helpdesk for further assistance.

Can I have foreign currencies deposited into my trust?

Yes. You can have multiple currencies deposited in your trust account with KIBB. However, please take note all foreign currencies must be made through fund transfer. Please contact your DR or KenTrade Support at toll free 1800-88-2274 (Monday-Friday, 8.30a.m. to 5.30p.m.) for further assistance.

Will there be interest paid to my foreign currency trust?

No. Interest will only be paid to local currency with trust balances exceeding RM1,000.00